Introducing The Kinmech Environmental Generator

We would like to welcome you to the world of twenty-first century technology – a world where environmental concerns take precedence over short-term profit. We at Senitron believe that a new, long-term vision is needed, a vision motivated by the growing demand for Green energies combined with a duty of responsibility to the generations that come after us who will have to live with the mistakes and failures of the present one. Our Environmental Electricity Generator is being designed specifically with these concerns at the forefront of our philosophy.

The Kinmech Environmental Generator is innovative technology that emphasises economy, efficiency and clean energy, the three crucial main factors that any energy-producing technology in the twenty-first century must possess in order to compete successfully. What gives this Generator the edge over competing models is its versatility and range of application and the fact that it does not require conventional fuel to power it. It is, crucially, almost totally environmentally friendly. What better way to ensure a cleaner, brighter future than to invest in a technology of the future?